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Bring an End to Abortion-On-Demand!

The majority of American voters believe that unborn babies should be protected from being aborted when they can feel pain by as early as 15 weeks. In fact, by this point in the journey: 

  • A baby's major organs developed
  • A baby’s tiny heart pumps 6 quarts of blood a day
  • A baby has toes and fingers that move separately 
  • A baby has unique fingerprints that are beginning to form
  • A baby's prominent facial features have developed

Despite this overwhelming majority, Big Abortion will stop at nothing to strip away EVERY pro-life protection in our country and offer abortion-on-demand! This means abortions would be commonly available as late as 38-40 weeks of development. 

Did you know that America is only one in a handful of countries in the world offering abortion-on-demand, giving us something in common with China and North Korea? This is ironic when we as a nation celebrate freedom and human rights.

As pro-life Americans, we cannot allow this killing of unborn babies to continue. Together, we must: 

  • Ensure Americans know the realities of allowing abortion-on-demand

  • Outlaw abortion-on-demand across our nation and stop the murder of fully developed babies carried to term at 38-40 weeks of pregnancy, born alive, and then killed.

  • Stop taxpayer-funded abortions Americans don't believe in or support.

  • Stop the injustice and the stripping away of our constitutional rights in favor of the Big Abortion Lobby.

Sign your name below and help us put pressure on lawmakers to say “no” to abortion-on-demand.