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Get the free ebook Five Facts About the Abortion Drug Disaster

                                                     Learn the shocking truth about Big Abortion's answer to their Roe v. Wade defeat

Roe v. Wade is gone. But Big Abortion has struck back with an epidemic of abortion drug use —silent, seductive, and more dangerous than any other form of abortion.

Abortion drugs are an EPIDEMIC that could wipe out the pro-life victory over Roe v. Wade. This epidemic grows through lies. Deception. Ignorance.

As a pro-life American, you need to learn the surprising facts that will save lives and defeat this chemical devastation.

Get the eye-opening new FREE ebook “Five Facts About the Abortion Drug Disaster” from Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.

We’re revealing FIVE FACTS about abortion drugs that are currently being concealed or ignored by the media, government agencies, and the industry of Big Abortion.

We’re blowing the whistle—and you need to be in on it. We’re telling Americans like you, we’re telling allies in federal and state governments, we’re telling the media, and we’re telling anyone who might be able to help a woman with a pregnancy crisis. You and every American deserve to know the truth. Because the truths revealed in this ebook can set women free and save unborn babies.

The only way to save more babies is to defeat the lies and cover-ups about abortion in America in the post-Roe battlefield.

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