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Five Things the Public Doesn't Know About Abortion

Lies. Distortion. Shoddy reporting. These KILL unborn babies. But until the deception is exposed the killing won’t stop. Learn the truth in the eye-opening new FREE ebook “Five Things the Public Doesn’t Know About Abortion” from Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.

This eBook, featuring research from top Lozier Institute scholars reveals FIVE FACTS about abortion. These realities are currently being concealed or ignored by government agencies and the industry of Big Abortion. 

Big Abortion has launched a scorched-earth war to make to make abortion legal everywhere . . . and to make more abortions happen than ever before. Exposing their lies is one crucial part of SBA Pro-Life America’s counter-strategy to defeat Big Abortion politically and culturally.  

The only way to save more babies is to defeat the lies and cover-ups about abortion in America in this new and complex era of the pro-life movement.

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