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Will you stand for life and the protection of women and their unborn babies?

By signing your name below, you can protect thousands of mothers from the hurt of abortion and save unborn babies from deaths they do not deserve.

When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, our movement was given a historic opportunity. But the battle for life became much more difficult in our country because:

  • Big Abortion and its allies including the Biden Administration, will stop at nothing until every pro-life law in the land is erased allowing legalized abortions at ANY point in pregnancyup until the moment of birth and even after birth.
  • Each state must decide their pro-life protections and laws on abortion.
  • Mothers must navigate lies, distortions, and dangerous options when they are unsure or fearful about a pregnancy rather than being shown the truth.
  • Unborn babies are at great risk in states that allow abortions to continue, some without any pro-life protections at all to the point of birth.

The fight is FAR from over...

Over the past year, we’ve seen Big Abortion work to enact the most radical, pro-abortion legislation at every opportunity. They have attacked pro-life protections and worked overtime to tear apart any laws enacted by pro-life states. 

We cannot afford to back down. 

As our nation's political arm of the pro-life movement, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is passionately working to combat Big Abortion’s agenda and fighting back because someone MUST protect these vulnerable mothers and their unborn babies. 

We can’t do this without your support. 

We must commit to each other that we will do everything within our power to protect the right to life. We must commit our actions to make lasting change for generation of mothers and babies to come. 

You can join our grassroots network of more than 1 million Americans who believe we must protect the vulnerable. You can add your name with thousands of others who are committed to protecting mothers and a baby’s right to life. 

Will you join us by adding your name to the pledge below?